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         Hanwen Co., Ltd. is a specialized import and export company with self-support business , distributing other products and providing solutions in the machinery and electronics industry. For more ten years, we continue to develop and explore strategies to provide support for the automotive and industrial machinery manufacturers as well as OEMs concerning product manufacturing, new product development, failure analysis and evaluations. We have rice experience in providing 'comprehensive solutions' to customers in different industries, especially those in the automotive industry.                      

        (A) Service Concept:
        Core content of "solutions"
        Cases matching; spread of ideology
        Resources allocation; win-win cooperation

        (B) Process Management:
        Development process of new cases
        Basic flow of user volume production orders
        Investigation process of failure cases

        Hanwen Co., Ltd. will make efforts to develop new industry segments by virtue of "Hanwen solutions", and provide support and maintenance for users on brand building, product quality assurance and promotion, manufacturing, sales, etc.

        We know the value and importance of mutual exchanges between a company and the customers thereof, and will stick to this philosophy for mutual complement and improvement so as to climb industry highs together with same ideology and common goals.

        Sale company:
        Shanghai HTC Merchine Electron Co.,Ltd

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